Real Property Tax Services
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Real Property Tax Services
Tax Recourse, LLC. has developed a customized process for each of our clients for all of their real property tax needs. We will thoroughly make every effort to examine and achieve a reduction on your behalf for your real property assets.  

Overview of Our Services
Tax Recourse, LLC. has found clearly defining client expectations and applicable measurement criteria are critical steps toward achieving an end result both parties will recognize as success. Tax Recourse, LLC. will work closely with your Company in setting expectations, establishing contacts within the organization, assigning roles, responsibilities and timelines, and maintaining a regular schedule of face-to-face, teleconference and electronic communications.

Tax Recourse, LLC. works together to provide a level of service tailored to your needs, starting with a communication calendar developed with you, and clearly defining your two points of contact and their respective roles.  We have found not all of our clients have the same needs, and some require more or less communication; as well as different levels of information regarding the status of their portfolio, and the outcome of our efforts. Our unique dual point service plan provides you with two direct points of contact who are active participants in the day to day management of your account’s representation.

• Customer First Communication Program
• Engagement Management
• Filing Assessment Appeals
• Informal & Formal Property Tax Hearings
• Cost Segregation
• Filing for Exemptions
• Litigation Management
• Commercial Appraisals 
• Tax Estimates
• Valuation and Modeling
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