Frequent Communication
In our initial meetings we set up a better understanding of communication timing and what will suit your organization best for the current tax year. Below are the basic communications that a majority of our Clients have found work well. 

Annual Update – Our Annual Update communicates any tax law changes you should be aware of and how they may impact your tax liability, along with initial request for financial information necessary for the annual appeal process, and a tax calendar informing you of important dates and deadlines.

Financials Requested Reminder – Will be delivered as an urgent request via mail for financial information.

Annual Pre-Appeal Consultation - A meeting/teleconference will be scheduled during the year to discuss strategies and target values for the upcoming appeal season.

Appeal Status Updates – During peak appeal times you will receive phone calls and emails communicating the appeal status, such as pending hearing dates, and results of settled hearings.

Preliminary Appeal Results Report – Will be delivered during the year, communicating the values settled informally as well as at the Appraisal Review Board.  The report will include an estimated tax calculated with the prior year tax rate, pending receipt of the Appraisal Review Board Order, along with our Post-Administrative Appeal recommendations.

Final Assessed Value Report – Will be delivered upon receipt of Appraisal Review Board Orders and current year tax rates, this report will communicate confirmed Final Appraisal Review Board Values, Gross Tax due per property utilizing current year tax rate.

Annual Year End Appeal Review - A meeting/teleconference will be scheduled with your team during the year end of your tax season to review the appeal process and success, and to discuss the upcoming year.

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