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Engagement Management
Tax Recourse, LLC. strongly believes that a critical element of every successful BPO/Compliance engagement is assigning the right Engagement Manager. The Engagement Manager will have direct reporting and communication responsibilities to both Tax Recourse, LLC. and a client’s senior management team. This key team member is typically introduced to the client during the closing stages of the sales cycle so that he/she can become familiar with the client’s decision criteria and the client’s tax team can get comfortable with the Engagement Manager’s business experience and current capabilities.
The Engagement Manager will have the following specific responsibilities:
  • Serve as the single point of contact between Tax Recourse, LLC. and your Company’s tax management team.
  • Select & coordinate the Tax Recourse, LLC. Team.
  • Represent and advocate your Company’s product, service and integration needs to the applicable Tax Recourse, LLC. Teams.
  • Coordinate, as needed or scheduled, performance review sessions designed to ensure that your Company is satisfied with all aspects of the business relationship, particularly regarding contractual performance guarantees.
  • Handle questions and/or negotiations concerning pricing, contract extensions, service expansions, etc.
Additionally, a specialized Client Manager will also be assigned to your Company’s engagement.  The Client Manager will work closely with the Engagement Manager and oversee the day-to-day management of this engagement.  The Client Manager will be accountable for ensuring that Tax Recourse, LLC. is performing as promised under the contractual agreement and that your Company’s business needs are being fully met.  

The Client Manager will also have the following specific responsibilities and will report to the Engagement Manager:
  • Day to day management of the following personnel.
  • Tax Recourse regional negotiators – Tax Recourse, LLC’s regional office network handles appeals in approximately 90 percent of the national MSA. Regional hubs consist of appeal offices in Houston, Orlando, and New Jersey.
  • Tax Recourse administration & support personnel – Tax Recourse, LLC’s trained support and paraprofessional personnel will be assigned to this engagement.  
  • Oversee Tax Recourse, LLC. real estate appeal negotiators.
  • Where adjustments are needed, provide oversight on those projects required to resolve open issues.

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